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I'm so impressed you became involved in our life-changing Monthly Mentor® Program, and because of that I want to reward you with a bonus live training session.

This session is required if you want to skyrocket the results you get from the Monthly Mentor® program, blow past the obstacles that normally hold others back, and completely skip the mistakes and pitfalls that so many fall into.

I want to show you how you can use the powerful tools you now own to create all of the positive changes you want in your life, so you can start doing what you love—and make more money than you've ever thought possible!

To catapult you to real success, I've created this special live, event called Monthly Mentor® University, a no-holds barred, intensive teaching weekend designed to help you get maximum results from the Monthly Mentor® Program in record time.

Why You MUST Attend This Entire Training
When you come to the last-ever Monthly Mentor Universities you will have the chance to win many fabulous prizes.
  • You're getting it as an absolutely FREE BONUS… my way of rewarding your great decision-making skills.
  • I will present (for your eyes and ears only) my private, fast-track methods of rapidly up-leveling the results you get from my materials – or from any other books, courses, or training you will ever take part in!
  • Quick-start exercises that will get your mess-cleanup started in overdrive – as we dissolve those "messes" which have been clogging up your life and slowing your progress.
  • The only way that guarantees a solution to any problem you may be facing – no matter how big, monumental, or impossible it may seem to you now.
  • The only way this training can fail to change your life is… if you fail to show up!
We will also dig deep into these core principles that will rapidly improve your life and increase your wealth, effortlessly
  • A breakthrough method that digs deep to discover what you love… even if you haven't a clue what it is…
  • The one sure-fire way to guarantee goal achievement…
  • How to easily master the art of delegation… never spend another minute doing jobs you can't stand…effortlessly create an army of helpers so you'll have more time to do what you really want to do…
  • The power of total commitment…I'll show you how this often makes the critical difference between success and failure…
  • How to crush procrastination the easy way…and banish it from your life forever…
  • Why the simple act of writing your yearly goals backwards virtually guarantees their accomplishment…automagically
Your Teachers for Monthly Mentor University
Additional Teacher To Be Announced

What celebrities are saying about Raymond Aaron

" I thank Raymond Aaron and his material on goal-setting for helping me achieve more with less stress." - Robert Kiyosaki

Cash Flow Quadrant, page 187

" ...Raymond is going to make your best self a BETTER self..." - Mark Victor Hansen

ost Successful Nonfiction Author of All TIme and Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul

" Raymond's groundbreaking technology of goal-attainment is the first new material on this in years. It is a unique approach that will skyrocket your ability to achieve our goals." - Dr. John Gray

Author of Men are From Venus, Women Are From Mars

" He has literally helped me double my income while doing what I love, when I say double, it's like double, and then double again and then again..." - Jack Canfield

Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Monthly Mentor® University in Johannesburg, SA, October 30-31, 2013 • Venue To Be Determined



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